New Adventures

Where do you want to travel next? How would you like to get there? There are so many different ways to travel!! I have been joining a lot of webinars on different destinations, resorts and cruises. I love learning about different places. I have some new places/adventures to add to my bucket list.
The first one would be to go to South Africa and do a safari!! What prompted this you may ask, well I loved the new Hallmark movie Love on Safari. The animals are so beautiful and to see them in the wild would be amazing! I love animals in general! If you are interested in this as well, there are some awesome tour companies that do this and I can help you book with them!
Another place is Ireland, I attended a webinar and loved learning about this beautiful place. I would combine it with Scotland as well. Of course, I would love to travel to the Mediterranean and Europe in general!
Please contact me for any of your travel needs! I am excited to help you find the vacation of a lifetime!! Don't forget, some tour companies and cruise lines have great deals going on at times. If you have any questions just contact me.
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